Announcing YieldWars 2.0: The Next Evolution of the DeFi Battle Royale

Starting tomorrow, battles are going to get an exciting revamp with a whole new realm of possibilities. Currently, the way the YieldWars battle system is structured, teams use coordination and game theory amongst communities to wage war on teams across the battlefield and through a long and grueling 24-hour battle, the teams with the highest votes come out victorious plundering the opposing teams yield. 100% yield is awarded to the winner, while only 50% is given to the loser. As YieldWars seasons progress, expect new layers of complexity and mechanics to enhance your ultimate DeFi gaming experience.

We have seen that you’ve successfully mastered your battle skills and have increased your levels of comradery and strength to dismantle your opponents; that’s why we’ve decided to increase the gaming difficulty, and add a little bit more uncertainty to the battlefield. With the next iteration of the game, YieldWars 2.0, winners will now be decided by changes in your team’s price a 24 hour period. The best performing coin by price wins. Voting will occur once every two days in the following format:

  1. Vote for your team during a 24-hour ‘preparation for battle’ period starting at 19:00 UTC.
  2. Battles will begin at 19:00 UTC the following day lasting for 24 hours. Winners will be decided by the price percentage of your team based on the average price on CoinGecko. The highest performer wins the battle.

(Example: The token price that performs the best over a 24 hour period based on the percentage change in price wins. PICKLE -17.1% < YFI -5.6% In this scenario, YFI would be the winner because it performed the best in terms of percentage change in price). If there is a tie, we will add an additional sudden death hour.

In order to make this exciting new battle mechanic possible, we’ve integrated with the CoinGecko API to gather price data and will use it to select the winner from each day’s battle. Beginning tomorrow at 19:00 UTC, we will launch YieldWars 2.0, which includes this new and innovative voting system, and with your votes, you’ll be able to take a speculative position on your team’s price performance over a 24 hour period immediately. As usual, the winning team will eat 50% of the losing team's yield.

Introducing YieldWars Battle Bets:

Additionally, in the new YieldWars 2.0 update, we are also launching a first-of-its-kind ‘speculative wagering’, so that you can now use $WAR tokens staked in your WARchest to place bets on the team you believe will win! Betting will go live on Sunday, October 25th, just in time for the YieldWars Season 2 Finals Match.

(Example to increase your bet with additional $WAR)

All bets are P2P and only active if someone takes the other side of the bet. Winning bets will pay a 10% fee to the house. This fee will be distributed between the team wallet, LPs, and future WAR battle yields.

Multisig Wallets Created:

You asked and so we delivered. We would also like to announce that we have successfully set up our Multisig wallets securing all major wallets including: The WAR Development Fund, The Community Chest, The Rewards Deployer, Founders, and The Based Rover wallets. For full transparency to the YieldWars community, you can view them all in the Ethereum addresses below:

The WAR Development Fund: 0xF095A98b9f8d229C16efC9D88311bEcd0293B6C9

The Community Chest (DAO): 0x6d8b545c0D6317E4aF312b2E2d9c3c7b0b0Ba006

The Rewards Deployer: 0x8b6e2e23FCfaCCFd34eb8E8AC027FAA189DA36Ff

Founders: 0xE4D5CEf90a1290617Ec9F4bBe56cf1065697F28D

The Based Rover: 0x9D79e728cFf8DEA7f75e3367BDEb15F462Fa3D60

A Look at the Future

With only 2.8 million $WAR total, we have only deployed around 2 million $WAR into circulation after adjusting our tokenomics model in our last update. YieldWars is in a great position for lots of future developments in Season’s 3 & 4. We are just getting started.

Lastly, we are working on our $WAR Governance Page, which will allow the community to vote on how Community Chest Funds are used, vote on which teams to add/remove from the battle arena for upcoming seasons, and vote on which assets people would like to see in upcoming WAR Battles for betting and voting.

More updates on partnerships, NFT’s, and Seasons 3 & 4 will be released soon. Tomorrow’s new voting system is just the first of many experimental gaming mechanics that we’ve added to YieldWars, and there are many more new and exciting things that we are considering adding in the near future. We hope you have as much fun as we are having, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Disclaimer: All of our betting contracts are currently “unaudited,” and people should always do their own research before placing any wagers. We are in the process of a security review on all of our code, and we will update the community as soon as this is completed.




$WAR, What’s it good for? Absolutely Somethin!

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$WAR, What’s it good for? Absolutely Somethin!

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