YieldWars Season 2 Farms Are Upon Us! Here’s How To Participate (BAL Pool Tutorial Included)


Congratulations to each and every one of you who partook in the first season of YieldWars. Not only did you survive the tenacity and fervor of battle, but thrived in it. Even when you could feel adversity breathing down your neck, you had the perseverance and conviction to fight through it, and now you are reveling in the spoils of victory. But just as the sun of one season sets, another one rises on the horizon with brand new teams, features, and opportunities for plunder.

Taking Crypto Twitter by storm, our Season 2 participant poll had much fanfare and drama. In the end, hundreds of you came out to vote, and here are the latest communities to join us on the battlefield.

1) $SEND

2) $HATE

3) $STBU

4) $YFL

5) $ROPE

6) $Z



For the farms in Pool 1 Season 2, we choose to set up Balancer LP pools to increase security against impermanent loss for users. In order to make this easier, we have created a tutorial below:

  1. Click the “Get BPT on Balancer” link under the farm in which you’re going to use

2. Connect your wallet which you can find in the upper right-hand side

3. Select “Add Liquidity” in the upper right-hand side

4. Select “Setup” in order to set up a proxy contract

5. Once the proxy contract is set up, select “Next”

6. You will be led back to the original pool page and will need to select “Add Liquidity” again

7. Select “Unlock” under each asset & sign the smart contract with connected wallet

8. Select “Single Asset” if you are supplying only the asset in which you are farming (excluding $WAR)

9. For multi-asset you will need to have war equivalent to the weight of the pool (ex: 90/10 pool in a $ROPE pool would be 90% weighted $ROPE/10% weighted $WAR)

10. Type in the amount of each asset you wish to provide liquidity for (clicking MAX will provide all of the selected asset in your connected wallet)

11. Select “Add Liquidity” and once the transaction clears, you will now have BPT tokens in your wallet.

12. Go back to the Yield Wars farm page and click “Select”

13. Approve and stake your BPT tokens and viola you are farming $WAR

As we enter Season 2 of YieldWars, we are coming out the gate stronger than ever with a growing community of Warriors, Memelords, and everyone in between. With our roadmap just released, we are barely even scratching the surface of what’s to come and are excited to bring you the next level of DeFi gamification.

Farms open October 9th at 16:00 UTC. May Your Harvests Be Bountiful And Plenty.


P.S. I would like to give a special shout out to Dogoshii for helping me create the Balancer Tutorial. Thank you for your continued support of YieldWars!


YieldWars is an experimental project, please understand the risks you are taking when entering these farming pools, especially since they are BAL pools. Do not stake more than you are willing to lose.




$WAR, What’s it good for? Absolutely Somethin! yieldwars.com

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$WAR, What’s it good for? Absolutely Somethin! yieldwars.com

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